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Imagined Landscapes // Kilograph

Part 1 of this project featured a VR walkthrough experience where players look at the 'unpainted' Michael Graves building design. The idea behind this project was not only to allow users to walk through a building that never has (and might never) exist in the real world, but also lets the player 'paint' the building by holding up their hand (controller-free) and pinching their fingers to make a paintbrush appear in your hand. Then 'painting' the building will bring the unfinished design to full life in the VR experience. My contribution to this project was adding gameplay elements via Unreal Engine, including painting progress and applying optimizations to improve the framerate in VR.

Part 2 included building a completely new AR application to emphasize this work, but in a more accessible way to the general public. The WUHO exhibit allowed us to setup an art exhibit, not only showing the brilliance of all the architecture design students, and of my colleagues at Kilograph. My contribution to this exhibit was making some of the art pieces 'come alive' With the AR app, users can view the painting with their phone, and the AR experience projects the 3D version of the artwork 'inside' of the frame. Also the guy who owns the WUHO building plays a mean game of chess.


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