Programmer/Researcher - Unity

My interest in video codecs, streaming, gaming, 3D engines, mobile development, and VR all culminated into a master's thesis where the purpose was to test a more optimized method of mobile cloud gaming.

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I was initially inspired by my boss and mentor at the Envision Center, George Takahashi, who told me the number one problem in pulling off these kinds of combined systems, especially those that include streaming information, is the problem of latency. Whether it be network latency, motion-to-photon latency, my thinking was to research ways to take...

Programmer / Writer - Unity

AViRT is a mobile pre-visualization system for indie filmmakers using Google's Project Tango's 3D mapping features to place actors into a virtual scene on a film set. The success of this project was its publication and presentation in the conference proceedings of IEEE 3DUI 2016.

Read the paper here

My duties on this project included leading the team and programming the application, learning the basics of team management and Android app development. My greatest challenges included learning how to build an .apk without errors and writing a shader in GLSL, whil...

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